Initial Consultation (1-1.5 hours) $179

The first consultation is the stage of investigation: Why are you getting acne?

There are many aspects to developing acne, and not everyone has the same imbalances or sensitivities, which is why the investigative stage is so important in this process. During the initial consultation, you will be asked many questions regarding your health and daily routines.  We will discuss your family history, hormone-related imbalances, typical diet, cardiovascular health, exercise, digestion, stress levels, sleep routine and much more. Depending on what we find in the consultation further testing may be required. The tests done in the clinic may include iridology, blood pressure, blood oxygen level, blood glucose, tongue and nail analyses. Referring tests such as blood tests are done in a laboratory off-site and may include tests such as hormone analysis, fasting glucose, full blood count, inflammatory and allergy markers. Other tests may include salivary hormones, stool analysis and hair mineral analysis.

After this information is collected and any necessary test results are back,  I put together a treatment plan tailored to your requirements, sensitivities, and lifestyle. The treatment plan includes a strict diet, skincare routine and possibly some lifestyle changes and any necessary supplements. The treatment plan is presented to you in the second consultation.


Second Consultation (45 mins - 1 hour) $135

The second consultation is all about your tailored treatment plan. The treatment plan is put together based on all the information collected in the first consultation, and your test results. The aim of this consult is for you to understand the causative and contributing factors of your acne. The treatment plan will focus on the following points:

  1. Diet
  2. A skincare routine
  3. Lifestyle adjustments (if needed), such as exercise, stress management, and sleep hygiene
  4. Herbal and nutritional supplementation may be prescribed depending on your health status and requirements.



Review Consultation (30 mins) $80

Review consultations are all about monitoring your progress and making any necessary adjustments. This is essential to keeping you on the right track and assisting you to achieve the skin you want.