Topical Acne Treatments

For a large percentage of people, many of the medications and treatments for acne only help for a short period of time which clearly is not the right answer in treating this inflammatory disease.

There are many types of acne treatments on the market today from topical regimes and medicated ointments to supplements and prescriptions. It can get confusing knowing how much to spend and how beneficial it's going to be for your acne.

How beneficial are topical treatments? Acne originates from inside the body, not the outside. So don’t get fooled by the possibilities of topical treatments. Topical treatments will never stop pimples from forming, it doesn’t matter how much money you spend it simply doesn’t work that way.                                                                                          (read the page on causes of acne to understand how acne develops).

Can topical treatments be helpful for acne?  Yes. Topical treatments can improve the appearance of your skin. Some products like glycolic acid shed dead skin cells which improves the complexion and radiance of your skin. Other products and/or ingredients can reduce redness and swelling like aloe vera and chamomile. Prescription ointments can speed up the lifespan of pimples, however, don’t expect these topical treatments to prevent pimples from forming, because they won’t.

How do I know what topical treatments to buy? You don’t want to aggravate your skin with harsh chemicals,  so opt for the most natural products you can access. Many of the harsh chemicals dry out your skin aggravating the pilosebaceous units (hair follicle and sebaceous gland) causing inflammation,  exacerbating your acne.

Everything you use on your skin should be gentle, and be mindful of scrubs as they can be very rough on the skin. As a rule of thumb read all product ingredients before purchasing, and when you read the ingredients,  you want to know what most of the ingredients actually are. If most of the ingredients are 10 or more letters long and you have no idea what they are, it’s probably a chemical which has questionable effects on your skin (google all ingredients if you're unsure). The ingredients are listed in order of quantity, for example, the first ingredient is in the largest quantity. So, opt for products where the first ingredient is a beneficial ingredient like aloe vera, chamomile, calendula etc.


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