Exercise and Acne

Exercise  triggers many positive hormonal responses in our body, and most of us are guilty of not doing enough at times.

For acne sufferers exercise is essential to address the negative hormonal imbalances that are linked to the development of acne.

High levels of androgens in the body can aggravate the pilosebaceous units triggering the upregulation of sebum and the overproduction of epidermis cells (two key features in acne vulgaris). Aerobic exercise lowers free androgens in the body and desensitises the pilosebaceous units, reducing the negative over-reactive response from the pilosebaceous units.

The second benefit from exercise is that it improves circulation, which you may think, what does that have to do with acne??

When a pimple forms, it causes inflammation which damages the surrounding soft tissue of the epidermis (top layer of skin) leaving a mark, indent or scar. By improving your circulation, you increase the amount of oxygen and nutrient-rich blood being delivered around the body. Oxygen and nutrients are essential to repair and rebuild damaged tissue, therefore adequate exercise will improve the healing time of any damaged tissue.


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