Acne and Testosterone

Yes,  acne is caused by testosterone (putting it simply), and many factors contribute to your levels of testosterone such as stress, diet, and exercise. A blood test that measures low or […]

Water and the Health of Your Skin

Do you drink enough water to have clear acne free skin? Staying hydrated is very important for many bodily functions such as circulation, digestion, excretion and healthy acne free skin. Adequate water […]

How Exercise Helps to Clear Your Skin

Exercise has many benefits for your body, but today I will be specifically talking about the benefits of regular exercise for your skin. There are a handful of reasons that exercise improves […]

Hormones, Food and Your Skin

What you eat interacts with your hormones. Food can have a direct interaction with your hormones via many pathways. One of the major hormonal links to acne is dairy, sugar and […]