The first consultation is the stage of investigation: why are you getting acne?

People who suffer from acne don't necessarily experience the same imbalances or sensitivities.  Everyone is different and everyone is unique. This is why the investigative stage in a consultation is so critical. There are so many aspects of developing acne, this is precisely why a consultation runs for 1 - 2 hours. This is your opportunity to discuss all your concerns about your skin.

You will be asked many questions regarding your health and wellbeing such as family history, medical conditions, hormone-related imbalances, typical diet, cardiovascular health, exercise, digestion, stress levels, sleep routine etc.

A number of tests will be done in the clinic to assess any deficiencies, such as blood pressure, blood glucose, blood oxygen level, iridology, and nail and tongue analysis.

An exclusive treatment plan will then be formulated based on the information collected. The treatment plan will be explained in great depth so you fully understand the content.  A large portion of the treatment plan will encompass all aspects of your diet, what to include and what to exclude on a daily basis. Herbal and nutritional supplements may be prescribed depending on your health status. Blood tests may be advised and ordered.  The other part of the treatment plan involves your lifestyle such as exercise, sleep patterns, and stress management.

  • Tests within the clinic may include iridology, blood pressure, blood oxygen level, blood glucose, tongue and nail analyses
  • Laboratory testing off-site may include blood tests such as hormone analysis, fasting insulin, full blood count, inflammatory and allergy markers, and hair mineral analysis.

Initial consultation $178



FOLLOW-UP CONSULTATION (45 minutes - 1 hour)
The second consultation is ideal 1-2 weeks following the first consultation.

This is where I make sure that you're your on track with everything: Discuss any questions you may have? and check how your skin is going.

We need to see how your managing all the new health changes and make any needed adjustments to the treatment plan. The goal here is to make sure your treatment plan is working well for you, so you can achieve and maintain clear healthy skin for the long haul.

Second consultation $135




Review consultations are all about monitoring your progress and making any necessary adjustments. This is essential to keeping you on the right track with your treatment plan.

Review Consultation $80