Depression and Acne

Acne impacts your life in many ways,  it is difficult to understand for those who have never suffered from this inflammatory disease. Acne is generally thought to be more of a trivial health problem, especially when compared to other serious diseases. But many studies suggest it is quite the contrary, the psychological and emotional ramifications of acne should be taken seriously.

Many people who suffer from acne experience depression,  low self-esteem,  low self-worth,  poor self-identity,  negative body image association,  social anxiety,  and overall a poor quality of life. The scarring from acne can persist over a lifetime and have long-term psychological effects.

Acne usually starts in adolescence, the most formative years of life, when the need for social acceptance is at its peak. The superficial standards of physical appearance expected by oneself, peers, family, and friends can be extremely debilitating for acne sufferers and can lead to bullying and social isolation.


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