The Clinic & Founder

The Adelaide Acne Clinic delivers the best, most well-researched nutrition plans for acne sufferers.  We focus on the underlying causes of acne, such as hormonal imbalances, poor diet, sensitivities and the many other facets of acne. There is great emphasis on individualisation with the treatment plans, as each person is unique in their own ways. I aim to teach you everything you need to know about acne, such as foods to incorporate and avoid, the importance of water, exercise and sleep, the simple way to look after your skin and how hormones are affected by certain foods.


“Knowledge is power”


If you don’t have the knowledge and power, companies can sell you anything, and you won’t know any better, and the worst part?? getting your hopes up that it will actually work. There is no magic pill, facewash, cream or ointment that will address the root cause and development of your acne, it’s a little more complicated than that, “and that is exactly what I am here for, to help you understand your acne better”.


“Treat the cause of your acne, not the symptoms”


It can be hard to change what you eat initially, but it gets easier as you go. All nutrition plans are health centred, so your whole-body will benefit not just your skin. You may notice increased confidence and self-worth (mental health), an improvement in energy, better quality of sleep and many other positive changes.


“If someone wishes for good health, one must first ask oneself if he is ready to do away with the reasons for his illness. Only then is it possible to help him” - Hippocrates



A note from the founder Lucy Morrison -

I suffered acne for many years before I found my cure. It started when I was 16 and only recently at the age of 28 I have discovered my clear skin (although I will break out if I eat the wrong foods). During the time of my acne days I tried absolutely everything from avoiding specific foods, alternative therapies, beautician treatments and products, prescription ointments, the oral contraceptive pill, antibiotics, Intense pulse light (IPL) and laser therapy, dermabrasion, proactive, anything you can buy off the shelf in chemists, supermarkets and skincare clinic, and Accutane (isotretinoin) which I did 3 courses of. The only thing that helped was the Accutane however not in the long term. Roughly 7-9 months after coming off Accutane my acne would come back to the same severity, which was such a letdown each time. There are many potential side effects of Accutane, and it remains the strongest acne medication on the market today. For this reason, it was a very hard decision to start taking it, particularly because I don’t like taking any medications unless I really must. I prefer to treat illness with healthy foods and a positive lifestyle. But because I had acne for many years I decided that at this stage my mental health is more important, as I was down in the dumps so often because of my skin. I would always worry when I had events coming up, and I often made excuses to avoid social events, and see friends because of my skin.  All my close family and friends would always say that it’s not that bad, but for me, I just looked horrendous and it became more of a mental issue than a physical one.


"Acne often becomes a mental issue rather than a physical one"


I was so sick of people who had never suffered from acne saying, “it’s just a phase” this was my absolute pet peeve. If they had suffered from acne they would understand the impact it has on so many aspects of life. Plus, I can say that a phase does not last for 13 years. The biggest impact it had on my life was my confidence, which led to bouts of depression and low self-worth. For these reasons, I wanted to study health science. So, I enrolled in a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) (BHSc) which is a 4-year full-time degree. Through these years, I learnt so much about the human body, how it works, the development of acne, and how it affects people psychologically. It was towards the end of my degree that I finally figured it out, thanks to my lecturers, patients who I did case studies on and my peers. I tested out the new theories on myself, and sure enough, I finally got my clear skin. I then started treating people in the student clinic. This is when I knew that I had to specialise in acne and provide the best acne service as this is my greatest passion. I believe that when you have a healthy state of mind you can reach your goals and be the best version of yourself. Some people find this hard while suffering from acne. So I want to help everyone and anyone achieve clear skin, live their best life and be happy.